Life with and without a schedule
1st April:

Living with a schedule is a tip I have heard from several Aspies. They are supposed to help bring structure and organization into your life.
Especially for a person like me, who suffered from extreme unorganization in the past and present having a schedule is definitely benificial.
So I tried it out. Swiftly I came up with an idea of how I want to spend every day, and filled it out in a table in an easy-to-read font. And it worked. I felt great having a structure to rely on, losing a big part of the spontaneity I brought upon myself. And I felt that my surrounding was nicer as well.
I began cleaning more, and realizing what of a mess I am living in. I started cleaning it, but recognized that the task was too big for me.
After every subtle change of my way of living I felt like I needed a break I couldn't take. I have to always be there for people, to be angry at me.
This all led to the failure of my schedule, which I want to retry in a smaller fashion. I accepted that I am not yet ready to structurize my whole life, so I want to start at the small things. Hell, partly I even have such structures already. When sleeping, for example, I allocate the time I need to fall asleep in a dynamic system that works regardless of when I go to sleep.
To round up this entry, here are a few honorable mentions:
The distance from Earth to Venus can vary from 41 million kilometers to 260 million kilometers.
Robert Falcon Scott died after being defeated in the Race to the South Pole by Roald Amundsen.

2nd April:

It worked. To a degree.
I tried it again today, and miraculously I woke up at the wake-up time I put in my schedule. I started following it, and felt a sense of relief over the day.
Even the laborious tasks I put in it felt great to do and were fun. I'll seek for improvements to my schedule and make it even better for me.

4th April:

Quarantine is messing with my schedule.
I don't like bringing up topics like the corona virus, so I will keep it short. Having to stay at home takes my last motivation to work on and respect my schedule.
I'll still try my best to fulfill it, but I don't know if it is possible.